Current and Pending Legislation that affects nursing:
Below you'll find pending legislation that is before various Federal and State Legislators.  You can learn more about these bills by contacting the sponsor, or using the bill tracking functions available under advocacy button. I know of other nursing/nursing-oriented legislation that is not listed -- to inform the webmaster (be sure to include state and bill number/title if possible.

Pending in Congress 
House of Representatives
H.R. 5924 -- Emergency Nursing Supply Relief Act
Nursing/Health Care Workforce
AB 2375 -- To establish a state master plan for health care professionals
New York
A6186 -- AN ACT to amend the penal law, in relation to assault on  certain  emergency medical professionals
Nursing Education
New York
S4994-B -- Enacts New York State Nursing Education Correction Act
S5115 -- Enacts New York State Nursing Education Act
HB 4471 -- Relating to the professional nursing shortage reduction program

Acuity-or- Nurse/Patient Ratios
HB 2186 -- Patient Protection/Nurses' Rights
HIB 4008 -- Health facilities; hospitals; development of an acuity system and staffing plan for nurses
HB 1033 -- Professional Nurse Safe Staffing Standards 
Nursing Licensure
HB 4353 -- A bill relating to nurse licensure.