How a bill becomes law?  A flow chart on how a bill becomes law in California. This is a helpful tool when you are monitoring the progress of a bill.

Do you remember "School House Rock?" Click here to watch "School House Rock's How a bill becomes a law", courtesy of YouTube.
Contacting Your Elected Officials
Don't know who your member of the United States House of Representative is?  Click here and find out.
Looking for your Elected State Official? Search by State.

Pending and Current Legislation

Click here to read pending and current legislation that is before either Congress or various State "Houses" that are being drafted, discussed and signed that impact nurses and the nursing profession.

How to Track Legislation:

Most states allow an individual to track legislation through a link on the State website. In most cases when you select the "tracking bill" function you will get a page that allows you to choose to search by text, term, legislator, or bill number. Simply select the search mode you prefer and follow the instructions. If there are bills, legislation, resolutions or pending resolutions that meet your specific search criteria a new window should appear with the search results.

You can usually select the various bills, legislation, etc., to view the text, progress, history, status, etc., and can often sign-up for email updates when changes are made.